Hi, my name is Dr. Theo, I first spawned this idea of creating this platform in July 2019 while seeing patients in my practice, who has been suffering from chronic pain in the pursuit of survival and happiness.  They suffered for their children or to make their parents proud.  I've known for over a decade that the cause of suffering is from a lack of self-love and self-care.  People are chasing so hard to make their lives meaningful for the short amount of time they have on this earth.  Thinking about this brought tears to my eyes when I realized how tragic is it for a person to do so much for the future will probably be forgotten in a generation or two.  This was when I had the idea of building something to give meaning to suffering and deep-felt sense to existence.

Life Chronicle is a platform for those that want a deeper meaning in their lives through the use of capturing and talking about the precious moments and events of their lives past, present, and future.  The most extraordinary lives are often the lives people overlook within themselves because they are too busy looking outside of themselves.  This platform will remind us all to look inside and discover how extraordinary we all are.

So much fear has been in the undertaking of technology and social media, but the real problem is in the quality of character in us all.  Many of us have been socially conditioned to live from the outside, which is why our technology reflects that.  Self-Esteem and financial worth are based on the number of followers and the number of likes someone receives. Many blame it on social media but rather than look at the instrument we have to look into how society has been and is presently structured instead.  Our technology is not breaking us, it's only revealing what we are and what we need to do to fix ourselves. It's time we focus on our inside to create a better outside.

Life Chronicle is my attempt to create a culture in which the individual can invest in the creation of their legacy. Since the start of man until now, when one climbs up others get kicked behind.  Our platform is meant to help you climb and bring others along with you.  We are in a business of creating joy and meaning in peoples lives and we will try our best to be worthy of the people we are serving.